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Costa del Sol Properties for sale or rent

Costa del Sol Properties for sale

The coastline of the Andalucian province of Malaga is world-famous for its amazing weather and its beautiful beaches. The coast is appropriately named as it boasts over 320 days of sunshine per year. The area has long attracted visitors from all over the world but especially those from the cooler northern climes of Europe. Many come simply for the great, guarantee of sunny weather. Many come for the beaches or the laid back culture. Speaking of culture, there is much culture in this area and a lot of history too. The entire region of Andalucia was ruled by the Moors, Arabic people from North of Africa. They had their own Kings and indeed palaces.  The Alhambra in Granada is one such palace and well worth a visit. 

Whatever brings people to the Costa Del Sol, many decide to stay. There is a constant influx of foreigners to the area. Many take time to investigate the health Real Estate market here and buy property here. We would always advise that you really get to know the area before taking the plunge and buying property on the Costa del Sol or anywhere with which you are not familiar. Also, take legal advice to ensure that you understand the property laws here which are different to other countries.

Costa del Sol Properties for sale


Costa del Sol Properties for rent

So, even if you are considering buying property on the Costa del Sol you should probably rent a place there first in order to get to know the place. Taking a holiday is not the same as living somewhere. You will need to get to know the local language, shops and services. In fact, you will need to how to go about daily life in a foreign country.  If you have children you may need to investigate schools here.  There are international schools if you prefer your children not to go to a Spanish state school. You need to understand local laws and may need to buy and run a vehicle here. There are differences in the legal systems of every country and you need to know these.  All things considered, this area is a wonderful place to live and the mixture of nationalities and people only adds to the richness of the area. There is definitely a laid back vibe here and you will not want to return to the stressed lifestyles you had before.

Costa del Sol Properties for rent

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